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Admiral Paints We produce, supply and apply paints with 20 years experience in the industry, ranking among the leading paints manufacturing companies in Nigeria.
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We produce, supply and apply paints with 20 years experience in the industry, ranking among the leading paints manufacturing companies in Nigeria.

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These are frequently used to prepare the surface to take the protection or decorative, it seals the pores. Painting is such a daunting task that we tend to skip the most important step for a beautiful finish and just right to rolling on the paint.
Apply a coat or two of primer will smooth out surface imperfections and make paint adhere better leaving behind the smoothest and most durable finished surface.

Road Marking Paint is a modern means of controlling and guiding vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the road. They are used to deluceate traffic lanes in form of motorists and pedestrians or traffic directional flow.

Admiral Paints has executed several road surface marking projects in Nigeria. Handling such projects from conceptualization, design, installation to execution stage. The road marking paints-Thermoplastic, High Build (HB), Alkyo, Acrylic that is best suitable for different roads.

It can be used on Asphalt, concrete, paving stone, airport runways and seaport terminals.

There are three main factors involved when doing an Epoxy floor; Floor Condition, Floor Usage and Final appearance desired.

Application of Epoxy on new or old concrete floors

1. You must wash off all surface dirt and residues.
2. Then etch the floor with etching solution Epoxy has three coating system consisting of a high performance primer, a 2:1 ratio high build 100% solid Epoxy coating and finished with the best Military grade topcoat in the industry. This topcoat is like putting liquid steel on your floor. It has a 4mg abrasion loss rating. Epoxy can be applied in the following areas: Workshop floors, Residential Garrage, Warehouse, Auto repair shop, Race shops, Light forklift traffic areas, Retail showrooms, light aircraft hangers, commercial kitchen and production floors.

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These are modern emulsion paints have water as base along with Vinyl or acrylic resins added to make them hard wearing. The paints become harder wearing as the shine increases.

Trowel is a highly textured paint layed with glittering stones. It gives an enduring beauty and long lasting glittering effect.

It is an exterior/interior decorative paint applied finish which is weather proof, durable and has exceptional adhesive properties.
It provides a colorful and attractive finish and is available in all colors and combinations. The trowel is applied in a single coat and it is guaranteed a life time wall coat.

The Stucco on interior or exterior confera an air of prestige to any piece of architecture and is in perfect harmony in both antique as well as modern surroundings.

For the decorator and the architect, stucco is an extremely rich and elegant finish which is easy to care for thanks to its particularly smooth surface.

Stucco also allows those with discriminating tastes to express their style and creativity by means of using an infinite variety of colors, from the palest to the most vivid.
Our color system allows the artisan to easily obtain the desired color from the palette of 107 bar.
Stucco adheres perfectly to all types of building surfaces. It can be easily applied adding thickness to the surface without the danger of cracking.
Its simplicity of application makes it suitable even for those with little expertise.

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Emulsion are a mixture of substances that is formulated with durable high level pigmentation, extra acrylic terpolymer and biocides.
It is extremely economical by providing with long lasting protection, aesthetic and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

It is recommended for exterior/inferior surfaces and ceilings. As a guide the theoretical spread rate is between 38-40 per gallon at one coat application. Application is by brushes, rollers, blades and other instruments. The package is 4/20 liters plastic drum.

Glossy paint finish that provides a lacquer-like look to whatever is applied to kitchen or bathroom, cabinetry room moldings and furniture are the pieces which normally get treated to a high gloss paint finish. High gloss paint provides the most durable easy-to-clean finish of all paints and it also highlights every imperfection. The theoretical spread rate is between 45-50m2 at one coat application to a suitable primed surface.

Our special textured paint is formulated to resist extreme weather conditions, fungi and algae growth.
It provides an attractive, decorative and protective appeal and it neither flakes nor peel when correctly applied and it can obliterate in a single coat.

Texcote/Gravitex has a spread rate of 1.8-2 sq meters per liter and can be applied by foam or pattern roller to produce the desired texture.
It is mainly packaged in 20 litres plastic drum.

This is a special multi-textures paint which is finished with varnish that makes the surface become shinning, waterproof and dirt free giving it a fascinating finish. It is decorative paint that can be used in the exterior/interior surface.

Application is by focus or pattern roller to achieve the desired result.
Flexcote can be used in the wall or ceiling. I is result into spiky drops similar in appearance to stalactites of cave roofs.

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VIVE ADMIRAL COMPANY LIMITED is an indigenous organization conceived and actualized by season, result oriented and dynamic entrepreneurial incorporated on Dec 6th, 1994 with RC No 259272.

Our main objectives are Manufacturing, Importing & Exporting, Investment and Consulting. While our core business is paints manufacturing — ADMIRAL PAINTS.

ADMIRAL PAINTS is a very focused company in manufacturing of high quality paints such as:


We produce, supply and apply paints with 20 years experience in the industry, ranking among the leading paints manufacturing companies in Nigeria.

Our company enjoys tremendous patronage, this is due to our commitment to continuously exceed our clients and customers expectation in our product quality and services delivery.
Our list of satisfied customers and clientele includes individuals, businesses, government and other institutions with projects of varying magnitudes.

As a matter of policy, we have developed a well-articulated project based customer service scheme which enables us and our project management teams control the timing of supplies and guarantee quality assurance through controlled product delivery especially in large projects involving many contractors.

One of the major competitive advantage ADMIRAL PAINTS has is our SUPERIOR PRODUCT AND SERVICE QUALITY.
The company's philosophy is based on total commitment to quality in every detail. This has earned us very good reputation with our clients, customers and professionals in the building industry, such as: Engineers, Architects, Builders, Quantity Surveyors, Property Developers, Interior Decorators and Business Person.

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